MSS Medicolegal is a psychiatric medicolegal opinion service, based in Bristol but able to provide consultant psychiatric expert opinions across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Allison Knapp and Sarah White set up the medicolegal service of the Priory Hospital in Bristol in 1995.  When the Priory Group changed direction in 2003 to focus on other areas of psychiatric care, they set up MSS Medicolegal to continue the medicolegal work of the many psychiatric experts who worked there.

Since 2003, the original panel of experts established at MSS Medicolegal has expanded and MSS intends to continue to expand both the range of expertise and the geographical area it covers. 

At MSS Medicolegal we aim to provide:
A rapid, highly efficient and user-friendly service, which recognises that ease of access and speed in decision-making are

Professional liaison between the commissioners of reports and the Consultant experts who write them.

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