Consultant Neuropsychiatry
Dr Abbas Lohawala


Dr Andrew has worked as a Consultant in both General Adult Psychiatry and Old Age Psychiatry and is an Honorary Lecturer. His special expertise is in Liaison Psychiatry and PTSD, and he has run a weekly clinic for the Cardiff Traumatic Stress Service since 2007 and is a psychiatrist for the Veterans Service. Dr Andrew has rooms in London, Exeter, Reading, Bristol  and Cardiff..

He has extensive Medicolegal report writing experience since 1999, writing approximately 70 reports per year, mainly personal injury; claimant, defendant and joint instructions. Has prepared independent reports on psychiatric injury in negligence cases, occupational health and Employment Tribunal cases as well as capacity assessments.

Dr Andrew has been listed for over 12 years in the Expert Witness Directory and has completed Bond Solon Expert Witness Courtroom Skills and Cross Examination courses. He has also given evidence in: Court, Employment Tribunal and Public Inquiry.



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